We also supply rip rap material.
We also supply rip rap material.

Our aggregate comes from a gravel pit that is located 15 km East of Fernie on Highway #3. The pit is a river bottom Wetlands Project that results in new wetland habit as it proceeds forward. The gravel is a very high quality and easily makes MMCD specifications with good compaction properties.

The company recently obtained the operating rights to the Elko gravel pit located 30 km west of Fernie. This pit also makes MMCD specifications and has a very good grade of sand. Our services also include access to aggregates in the Jaffray area, including screened rock and pit run from Jaffray.


  • River bottom Pit Run
  • MMCD ¾ Crushed gravel
  • MMCD 3 inch minus
  • Drain Rock both screened and fractured
  • Hydro Sand
  • Top Soil